Sleep is never a waste of time!

We spend one third of our lives sleeping and not one minute of it is wasted! During sleep, our energy is not invested into physical or intellectual activities but into…

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Eat well and be well

Everyone knows that your body and your mind are inextricably linked. It’s almost impossible to be productive and well-adjusted if you’re not treating your body with the same respect that…

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Take a hike!

Hiking is one of those activities that is deceptively simple. It encompasses all sorts of activities, from gentle strolls through the forest to scaling mountains with a tent in your…

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A Digital Detox

Over the past twenty years, the digital world has reshaped the day-to-day reality of our lives. Technological innovation has enhanced our lives to a huge degree, and in doing so,…

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Weightlifting as Therapy

Weightlifting is an interesting activity. When you deadlift a heavy barbell, you’re using every part of your body. Your arms, your shoulders, your core, your hamstrings, your knees - and…

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About Antioxidants

About Antioxidants

Antioxidants are useful in small amounts as they help clean up our cells and potentially help them survive for a longer period (i.e. possibly extending our lifespan or delaying signs of…

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