Eat well and be well

Everyone knows that your body and your mind are inextricably linked. It’s almost impossible to be productive and well-adjusted if you’re not treating your body with the same respect that you treat your brain. Regular exercise and good sleep are incredibly important for both your physical and mental health, and these all depend on maintaining a good diet.

Whether you follow a keto diet or not, an incredibly important part of feeding your body and brain relies on sourcing your food. When you eat something that has gone through multiple factory lines, being processed and mixed and re-processed and packaged, it’s difficult to know what you’re really eating at the end of it all.

It’s worth taking a moment to research where it is that your food is coming from, and how it’s been treated before it reaches your plate. After all, everything that goes into your food goes into you – and your body is your temple.

Buying fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers is a good rule of thumb, and buying organic generally means you won’t be eating anything that has been treated with chemical pesticides. Pesticide residue is generally low, but can cause respiratory problems, cancer, neurological issues, depression, and many other negative side-effects. Frequenting your local farmers’ market is a great idea: you can meet the people who produce your food, learn about how they treat it, and even find out how to prepare it.

When you’re buying meat, look for organic, grass-fed beef: these animals won’t have been treated with hormones, and grass-fed beef has been shown to reduce inflammation in your system in comparison to grain-fed beef. Look for free-range eggs, which use kinder production methods, and contain up to a third less cholesterol than conventional supermarket eggs. 

By sourcing your food carefully, you’ll end up having a lot more control over everything that enters your system, which will have a direct effect not only on your body, but on your business – it’s been shown that increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables leads to enhanced productivity, creativity, and happiness in the workplace. Increasing Omega 3s boosts brain power, and staying hydrated is essential for basically every part of life. You are what you eat – so be healthy, pure, and organic!