Minimalism — what are your thoughts?

Minimalism is a philosophy about getting rid of excess stuff and living life based on experiences rather than worldly possessions. In simple terms, it is owning fewer possessions and living with…

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Mindfulness Throughout the Day

Day-to-day life is a busy experience. Going through the day, we’re generally in a hurry to get our work done and move onto the next thing. It’s all too easy…

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Arts: The Vatican Museum

As art appreciation is an effective way to inspire and widen your mindset, one of the best art collections in the world can be found at thte Vatican Musuem in…

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Thingyan Water Festival
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Thingyan Water Festival

To mark the Burmese new year (occurind around mid-April), this unique festival features the throwing/spraying of water around cities and on people passing by to symbolize annual spiritual purification, "washing…

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Remember Me
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Remember Me

Many of us have been separated from relatives or friends for a long period due to the current pandemic situation, but should not forget to stay in touch with them…

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Have you tried meditation?

You may have heard a lot about meditation, mindfulness and related exercises like yoga and tai chi. Several recent studies have proven that meditation actually has some tangible benefits such…

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Song about human solidarity

In this testing time for humanity, this song by Michael Jackson is a soothing reminder for us to support one another and show strength and resilience. Released back in the…

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