Learning from Failure

Many of us have been rejected or fired from jobs, which can be disheartening. If this has happened to you, you are not alone. However, this has nothing to do…

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FELS 2021 New Year Annoucements

Thanks for being a fan of FELS and we hope you are finding great learnings and benefit from our content to become the best version of yourself, poised for a…

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Take a hike!

Hiking is one of those activities that is deceptively simple. It encompasses all sorts of activities, from gentle strolls through the forest to scaling mountains with a tent in your…

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Meet the person behind FELS!

We hope you've been enjoying all the success lifestyle content we've been sharing lately, perhaps finding it beneficial to your quest to fulfill your ambitions and yet quirky enough to…

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The Scoop on FinTech
fintech and big data

The Scoop on FinTech

The rising wave of startups in the financial technology domain (known as FinTech for short) are among the fastest-growing sectors in modern business. FinTech startups are disrupting and revolutionizing various…

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Social distancing… forever?

Not sure how everyone feels, but I for one have taken a liking to this recent social distancing phenomenon. Less crowds and traffic, more spacing in tables and queues, flights…

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Remote work gets a boost

If there is one thing that the recent CoronaVirus (#COVID-19) #outbreak has taught us recently, is that commuting to work is at times unnecessary. Working from home has become the…

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SXSW Sneezes for Corona

The world-famous annual conference known as South by Southwest (#SXSW), which happens every spring in Austin, Texas has been canceled at the last moment over fears of virus contagion. The…

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The Flourishing Entrepreneurial Lifestyle

FELS is a global movement to share amazing content and inspirational insights embodying the lifestyle of successful and ambitious people in various fields. We hope to make a positive impact…

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