Art Appreciation – Virtually!

Life is full of stress. It often seems like we spend our days hurrying from one task to the next, with work demands, our family lives, and physical activities all…

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Activity: Desert dune bashing
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Activity: Desert dune bashing

It's always fun to be out in nature and tackle some of its inherent challenges. Desert activities such as 4x4 dune-bashing , quad-biking and similar treks are a nice way…

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Have you heard some Chinese pop?
hai dao

Have you heard some Chinese pop?

Many of us have heard of K-Pop and other forms of Asian-Western fusion music, though Chinese pop tends to be lesser known outside of its own country. For example, this…

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Activity: animal safari

Seeing and interacting with animals in the wild is quite an enriching experience. typically sheltered in our city homes and offices, we seldom come in contact with most animal types…

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Activity: Mountain hiking
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Activity: Mountain hiking

Walking up a small mountain or rocky outcropping is a nice way to clear your mind, get some good exercise and catch a great view of the world below. For…

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3-D Street Art

It's always good for any smart and savvy business people to cultivate their taste in art and culture, as that helps expand and balance the mind. This form of art…

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How many languages do you speak?

Languages are quite interesting, they’re something like an operating system for humans. Not only do they carry all the words and expressions that bring meaning to all facets of life…

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