Computer games are good for you!

With lots of people stuck indoors during these coming weeks, it can be a refreshing experience to download and play some interesting video or computer games. Recent research has shown…

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The Oscars – Foreign Winners?

Have you seen the Oscars last week? What do you think of acting winners Renee Zellweger, Juaquin Phoenix, Laura Dern, and Brad Pitt? Also this year was unique in that…

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Who Listens to Trap?

Romanian music producer Inkyz has given a new flavor to the Trap genre by fusing various eastern & western tunes with melodies that sound like unintelligible lyrics – the results…

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Activity: Flying a Small Plane

This thrilling activity can help you improve focus and develop a heightened sense of awareness with fast reactions. Find an airfield near you that offers options for taking command of…

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Activity: Base Jumping

This fun activity is guaranteed to push you out of the comfort zone and jolt you with an invigorating thrill! Look for a place near you that offers a safe…

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