Crosswords & Sudoku – Hobbies to try

Do you think crosswords and sudoku are only for the elderly? Well, think again. I, at 20 years old, find that crosswords and sudokus are a great coping mechanism for depression, anxiety, or even plain boredom.

The way my anxiety or depression works is I get stuck on a certain negative thought or emotion. Whether it’s loneliness, rejection, fear of the future, low self-esteem, or anything else. The thing about Crosswords and Sudoku is that, whether or not you are good at them, it forces you to think about something else during the time you are doing them. Which can take up to more than an hour if it’s hard enough. 

Another good thing about crosswords and sudoku puzzles is the satisfaction that I get after solving them, particularly the more difficult ones.

The difference between these types of puzzles and other forms of media is that unlike books, movies, or television shows, it’s almost impossible to zone out or be on your phone while doing these puzzles if you want to make progress on them. That’s why they are so fun and engaging for me.

A good site that I often use for these crosswords and puzzles is Do you have any good websites you use for crosswords, sudoku, or other types of puzzles? Let us know in the comments!

Contributed by: Tarini Venkat

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