FELS 2021 New Year Annoucements

Thanks for being a fan of FELS and we hope you are finding great learnings and benefit from our content to become the best version of yourself, poised for a life of success and prosperity. Despite setbacks in 2020, the FELS tribe has grown beyond half a million followers in 14 languages across the world’s regions. As we welcome this new year together, we are excited to announce lots of new things which are coming very soon to take our global movement to the next level, being a powerful of change and improvement on everyone’s mind! These include:

  • A video series fully explaining each of the FELS pillars and how to embody them (soon)
  • The release of our full eBook with over 35 expert interviews on the FELS lifestyle (within Jan)
  • Starting a new blog called Rising Stars, which featues global stories of talent & ambition (within Jan)
  • Launching our mobile app with great connection & interaction features for our tribe (by Feb)
  • Some huge competition events around the world with very large pries and media buzz (Mar/Apr)

Be sure to keep following our channels closely so you won’t miss any of this, also try to interact and participate as much as you can to get the maximum benefit! Make use of FELS to fulfill your new year’s resolution and all your aspirations & dreams — welcome the new you into a rewarding and fulfilling life 🙂