Meet the person behind FELS!

We hope you’ve been enjoying all the success lifestyle content we’ve been sharing lately, perhaps finding it beneficial to your quest to fulfill your ambitions and yet quirky enough to entertain you as well! The FELS team takes this chance to formally introduce the person behind this global content movement — Aiman Kabli — since today is his birthday 🙂

Aiman has been emodying and refining these lifestyle principles for many years as a serial entrepreneur, lifelong learner, world explorer and digital nomad. He started this movement to lovingly share the fruits of his successful journey with everyone and inspire others to follow suit, each in their own way.

Have a look at Aiman’s own website to read more about his personal and professional life, and many examples of his dedication to the FELS way including his travel and nutrition blogs, book reading list and more. Also feel free to follow him on social media (handle @aimanwk on most platforms, or by name on LinkedIn) and be sure to drop a quick birthday greeting!

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  1. Gborie Sahr Emmanuel

    He is a great man, who decided to give back to society.
    May God 🙏 continue to bless him

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