Tanzania, asante!

With only around 500 cases identified so far, Tanzania is currently fortunate to be one of the least-affected countries in the world by the coronavirus pandemic. It will surely be…

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The Modern-day Constantinople

Istanbul, the city at the crossroads of Asia & Europe, has come a long way since the Ottoman Turks captured it back in 1453. The beautiful #Bosphorus shores are now…

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Anyone been to Kyrgyzstan?

Full of culture and history, this country is an inexpensive destination for #adventure #travel and discovery. The capital city of Bishkek is surrounded by rugged mountains and lakes ready for…

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Tallinn – Fusion of Old & New

The capital city of Estonia has an interesting dichotomy with a historic old town area over 1,000 years old neighboring modern high-tech business districts. Tallinn has preserved its charming old…

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Old Athens: Cradle of Greek Civilization

This amazing archaeological site once held the capital of ancient Greece with its renowned literary and philosophical centers, also creating many of the mathematical and physical concepts we still use…

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