La Gozadera: a unifying song

La Gozadera: a unifying song

Released in 2015, this popular "multinational" song reached over a billion views as it touched people with heartfelt lyrics cheering for human unity and solidairy across borders and cultures (over…

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Song of Ambition: Am I Wrong?

Would you be wrong to have ambitions and dreams bigger than those around you? Is it bad to stretch yourself and reach for the stars? These interesting questions are presented…

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Who’s your quarantine buddy?

At this time of social isolation we all need someone who can support us through tough times and help us come out of them with our full sanity in place,…

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Song about human solidarity

In this testing time for humanity, this song by Michael Jackson is a soothing reminder for us to support one another and show strength and resilience. Released back in the…

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Song: Do you really want it?

Back in 1994, this song went “viral” along with its electrifying stage performance by Ricky Martin. Combining catchy lyrics in English, Spanish & French the song appealed to a wide…

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Who Listens to Trap?

Romanian music producer Inkyz has given a new flavor to the Trap genre by fusing various eastern & western tunes with melodies that sound like unintelligible lyrics – the results…

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