Giving Credit Where Credit is Due: My Inspiring Journey with AI

To all the women out there who are interested in AI, know that you belong in this field and that your contributions are invaluable. Embrace your passion, and don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it. You have the power to change the world with your ideas and your innovations.

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EdTech: Transforming Education

Just like FinTech startups are disrupting the world of finance, businesses that are innovating in the EdTech space aim to shake up the traditional model of learning and knowledge delivery…

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Apple AR Glasses

Apple AR Glasses

According to popular tech site Tom's Guide, Apple is working on an innovative new augmented reality wearable device called Apple Glass, which is expected to be released within two years…

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Gene editing technology (CRISPR)
CRISPR AAE image one and thumbnail

Gene editing technology (CRISPR)

Some of us may have seen the recent Netflix documentary "Unnatural Selection" which delves into the high-tech world of genetic alteration. Indeed, the discovery of gene editing techniques using CRISPR-Cas…

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Phages – business opportunities?
phage 1

Phages – business opportunities?

Phages are useful viruses that can be used to destroy harmful bacteria. Discovered by European scientists around 100 years ago, their name comes from "Bacteriophage" which means bacteria-eater. Given the…

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AI Revolution?

No doubt that artificial intelligence is rising fast and strong. We've all seen recent examples like the new Google bots that can communicate over the phone with natural human speech…

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Robots help out during the pandemic

This dog-shaped Spot robot by Boston Dynamics has been busy at work assisting humanity in various way during the current global pandemic. For example, Singapore uses it to help enforce…

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Remote work gets a boost

If there is one thing that the recent CoronaVirus (#COVID-19) #outbreak has taught us recently, is that commuting to work is at times unnecessary. Working from home has become the…

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