EdTech: Transforming Education

Just like FinTech startups are disrupting the world of finance, businesses that are innovating in the EdTech space aim to shake up the traditional model of learning and knowledge delivery…

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Are you fit for entreprenuership?

Are you fit for entreprenuership?

Entrepreneurship and startup culture has been a buzzing fad around the world in recent years... but can anyone be an entrepreneur? The honest truth is, starting up a new business…

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Phages – business opportunities?
phage 1

Phages – business opportunities?

Phages are useful viruses that can be used to destroy harmful bacteria. Discovered by European scientists around 100 years ago, their name comes from "Bacteriophage" which means bacteria-eater. Given the…

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Online business always prevails!

I have always been a proponent of online business, recommending it to people through my entrepreneurship consulting practice. As we can see now, there are very good reasons for that!…

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Tallinn – Fusion of Old & New

The capital city of Estonia has an interesting dichotomy with a historic old town area over 1,000 years old neighboring modern high-tech business districts. Tallinn has preserved its charming old…

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