Sleep is never a waste of time!

We spend one third of our lives sleeping and not one minute of it is wasted! During sleep, our energy is not invested into physical or intellectual activities but into…

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Book Recommendation: Genius Foods

Can certain foods actually make you smarter and more productive? According to research by famous documentarian Max Lugavere and his co-author Dr Paul Grewal the answer is yes indeed. Powerful…

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The Deal with Energy Bars

Everyone seems crazy about energy bars lately, and you find huge section for them in most supermarkets or health stores. So what’s the deal?  Most bars tend to be loaded…

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Song: Do you really want it?

Back in 1994, this song went “viral” along with its electrifying stage performance by Ricky Martin. Combining catchy lyrics in English, Spanish & French the song appealed to a wide…

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Have you tried EVERYTHING?

Ask yourself this question each time you feel down, and listen to this motivating and uplifting song by Shakira which pushes you to get back up and “Try Everything” even…

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