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To all the women out there who are interested in AI, know that you belong in this field and that
Do you think crosswords and sudoku are only for the elderly? Well, think again. I, at 20 years old, find
Many of us have been rejected or fired from jobs, which can be disheartening. If this has happened to you,
As with other medical technologies mentioned previosuly in our blog such as CRISPR and Phages, the use of messenger RNA
A great must read for every day inspiration, this book by Chris Naylor features the World's Most Motivational Quotes. It
Traveling for vacation is very different than living in another country. When you live in another country you will build
Minimalism is a philosophy about getting rid of excess stuff and living life based on experiences rather than worldly possessions. In
We’re always learning, all through life - but there are some things that we wish we’d realized earlier. Here are
Do you know what’s going on in your brain when you first wake up in the morning? Your brain is
We spend one third of our lives sleeping and not one minute of it is wasted! During sleep, our energy
Everyone knows that your body and your mind are inextricably linked. It’s almost impossible to be productive and well-adjusted if
Hiking is one of those activities that is deceptively simple. It encompasses all sorts of activities, from gentle strolls through
Over the past twenty years, the digital world has reshaped the day-to-day reality of our lives. Technological innovation has enhanced
Research shows that psychologically flexible individuals show greater resilience. They have enhanced wellbeing, they’re more open-minded, they handle pressure better
Life is full of stress. It often seems like we spend our days hurrying from one task to the next,
As anyone who owns their own business knows all too well, good communication and great networking skills are the foundation
Weightlifting is an interesting activity. When you deadlift a heavy barbell, you’re using every part of your body. Your arms,
Freelancing sounds like the modern dream. Being your own boss, working when you want and as often as you want,
Day-to-day life is a busy experience. Going through the day, we’re generally in a hurry to get our work done
I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but the luxury industry has undergone something of a facelift of late. While
As art appreciation is an effective way to inspire and widen your mindset, one of the best art collections in
Just like FinTech startups are disrupting the world of finance, businesses that are innovating in the EdTech space aim to
The charming lakeside city of Geneva, Switzerland comes to life each summer with various festivities and events, including this major
In this insightful and science-backed book, health and performance consultant Richard Sutton gives us a deep-dive into the mechanics of
Popularized back in 2014 by famous biohacker Dave Asprey, this special coffee mix became a global phenomenon hailed by people
We hope you've been enjoying all the success lifestyle content we've been sharing lately, perhaps finding it beneficial to your
The rising wave of startups in the financial technology domain (known as FinTech for short) are among the fastest-growing sectors
To mark the Burmese new year (occurind around mid-April), this unique festival features the throwing/spraying of water around cities and
Famous comedian Sebastian Maniscalco poured his heart out into this humorous memoir about striving for success. Using profiund stories of
It's always fun to be out in nature and tackle some of its inherent challenges. Desert activities such as 4x4
According to popular tech site Tom's Guide, Apple is working on an innovative new augmented reality wearable device called Apple
Released in 2015, this popular "multinational" song reached over a billion views as it touched people with heartfelt lyrics cheering
What a good time to admire how our world looks from above, naturally with its windy rivers and rugged mountains,
Antioxidants are useful in small amounts as they help clean up our cells and potentially help them survive for a longer
Some of us may have seen the recent Netflix documentary "Unnatural Selection" which delves into the high-tech world of genetic
In this insightful book, author David Epstein presentes well-researched arguments to explain how in our modern world "generalists" (people with
If you're looking to clear your mind and find some new inspiration, spend a day in York, England. With its
Entrepreneurship and startup culture has been a buzzing fad around the world in recent years... but can anyone be an
Many of us have heard of K-Pop and other forms of Asian-Western fusion music, though Chinese pop tends to be
Phages are useful viruses that can be used to destroy harmful bacteria. Discovered by European scientists around 100 years ago,
Organic foods will not necessarily make you lose weight, though they are a better choice for long-term health. Such foods
This book is a must-read for any entrepreneurs trying to build a loyal tribe on social media, as it clearly
No doubt that artificial intelligence is rising fast and strong. We've all seen recent examples like the new Google bots
Many of us have been separated from relatives or friends for a long period due to the current pandemic situation,
This summer we are working on a first-of-a-kind compilation book of travel insights and learnings from the people who travel
Seeing and interacting with animals in the wild is quite an enriching experience. typically sheltered in our city homes and
Dietary Fiber is a useful food component which can help your body digest and remove waste more effectively and also
In this landmark book, author Dan Ariely lays out the foundations of human motivation and why people tend to do
The current novel coronavirus pandemic has given rise to several types of apps and digital platforms and also caused some
Walking up a small mountain or rocky outcropping is a nice way to clear your mind, get some good exercise
Glycemic Index (GI) is a very important concept to grasp, as basically it describes how much different types of carbs
It's always good for any smart and savvy business people to cultivate their taste in art and culture, as that
Radioactivity is a curious phenomenon indeed, the fact that certain materials can break up spontaneously and relsease a radiation of
Most of us may remember the famous scene towards the end of the popular movie The Matrix back in 1999,
Can certain foods actually make you smarter and more productive? According to research by famous documentarian Max Lugavere and his
With only around 500 cases identified so far, Tanzania is currently fortunate to be one of the least-affected countries in
This dog-shaped Spot robot by Boston Dynamics has been busy at work assisting humanity in various way during the current
Follow us and you’ll see a new useful suggestion for this every week!Most of us have always wished to play
In this insightful new book, authors Steve Magness & Brad Stulberg show from personal experience how extraordinary performance can often
Languages are quite interesting, they’re something like an operating system for humans. Not only do they carry all the words
Want to expand your mental horizons a bit? Have a look at this inspirational TED Talk by astrophysicist/musician Matt Russo
You have probably been hearing the word “keto” or the ketogenic lifestyle in general lately as it has been buzzing
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While many of us are getting used to working from home lately, it becomes important to learn how to keep
You may have heard a lot about meditation, mindfulness and related exercises like yoga and tai chi. Several recent studies
What have you done today to make you feel proud? This question of encouragement is posed by UK singer Heather
As you may have seen in one of our previous posts, the key supplements for a strong immune system include
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I have always been a proponent of online business, recommending it to people through my entrepreneurship consulting practice. As we
Would you be wrong to have ambitions and dreams bigger than those around you? Is it bad to stretch yourself
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Not sure how everyone feels, but I for one have taken a liking to this recent social distancing phenomenon. Less
At this time of social isolation we all need someone who can support us through tough times and help us
With people in many countries confined to their homes in this period, it’s important to maintain and healthy diet and
If there is one thing that the recent CoronaVirus (#COVID-19) #outbreak has taught us recently, is that commuting to work
Self-driving cars have been developed over the last decade or so by companies like @Tesla and others, but the wake
This cute little book by Neil Pasricha enlightens us on how to notice, savor and enjoy the little pleasures in
With lots of people stuck indoors during these coming weeks, it can be a refreshing experience to download and play
In this testing time for humanity, this song by Michael Jackson is a soothing reminder for us to support one
With scares of a viral pandemic propagating around the world, here are some tips to help improve our immune systems
Everyone seems crazy about energy bars lately, and you find huge section for them in most supermarkets or health stores.
Back in 1994, this song went “viral” along with its electrifying stage performance by Ricky Martin. Combining catchy lyrics in
The world-famous annual conference known as South by Southwest (#SXSW), which happens every spring in Austin, Texas has been canceled
Some restaurant food chains in Asia (such as Pepper Lunch) serve this food concept where the meal is presented to
Coming from Dave Asprey, the renowned biohacker and creator of the Bulletproof Diet, this interesting book presents optimal lifestyle habits
Until now, space probes have been able to land and take pictures on at least 4 large objects in the
Istanbul, the city at the crossroads of Asia & Europe, has come a long way since the Ottoman Turks captured
Released earlier this month, this innovative design solves the common problem of carrying a large #smartphone in a small pocket.
This book outlines the power of word-of-mouth and the six basic principles that drive things to become popular or viral.
Brazil is known for its fresh and juicy coconuts, which are a very healthy source of fat and make refreshing
It is that time of the year where the streets of Rio de Janeiro gather two million people per day
Full of culture and history, this country is an inexpensive destination for #adventure #travel and discovery. The capital city of
Salmon and avocado have all the good fats, plus the fish protein and fiber from beans will help keep you
Have you seen the Oscars last week? What do you think of acting winners Renee Zellweger, Juaquin Phoenix, Laura Dern,
In this article by LaddersHQ, several useful #habits are described which are in line with our #My_FELS way of living
With very expensive advertising spots (around $3 million for each 30 seconds), the American SuperBowl game features some of the
Not commenting on Indian food in general here, but this particular dish with the famous oven-roasted chicken can be healthy
The UAE’s famous capital city has been quietly growing to become a hot-spot for arts, entertainment and tech business. Abu
This recent book by Robert Sapolsky provides deep insights on human behavior at its best and worst, while shedding light
Ask yourself this question each time you feel down, and listen to this motivating and uplifting song by Shakira which
Do you think you or anyone should be eating these foods? We all know that excess sugars and carbs can
The capital city of Estonia has an interesting dichotomy with a historic old town area over 1,000 years old neighboring
This profound book by Howard Lowe confirms what most savvy entrepreneurs should already know – that startups take a big
Romanian music producer Inkyz has given a new flavor to the Trap genre by fusing various eastern & western tunes
Popular creamery chain Kind Kones presents some healthier alternatives to ice cream, including sugar-free and Keto varieties sweetened with xylitol
This safer alternative to the real extreme sport can be useful for those who have a fear of dropping out
Jakarta, Indonesia has been exploding in urban sprawl and modern architecture, and more recently with a new super airport terminal
Written by a renowned Canadian psychologist, this thoughtful book provides life advice through essays on abstract ethical principles, psychology, mythology, religion, and
CNET presents a summary of the major technological advancements of the past decade, starting with Steve Jobs unveiling the iPad
Duck is generally healthy, even with its fat – though much better roasted rather then fried. Just go easy on
This thrilling activity can help you improve focus and develop a heightened sense of awareness with fast reactions. Find an
This amazing archaeological site once held the capital of ancient Greece with its renowned literary and philosophical centers, also creating
In this pioneering examination of the scientific principles behind success, a leading researcher reveals the surprising ways in which we can
The advanced rocket system successfully performed an in-flight abort test this week, which is a crucial safety function for carrying
Great combination of quinoa grains, leafy green vegetables, fresh avocado, and half-cooked egg. What do you think?
This fun activity is guaranteed to push you out of the comfort zone and jolt you with an invigorating thrill!
This huge and modern complex sits on top of a mountain peak in Malaysia – offering countless options for shopping,
This book can help you learn advanced social skills for building charisma and magnetism, based on top psychologists’ research.
Computer-generated imagery has transformed the theatrical makeup and costumes of the original ‘80s Cats musical into their modern tech equivalents…